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  • Gedee Car Museum is the only classic car museum of its kind in south India, located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It has an impressive collection of more than 100 vintage cars, each with a history or a unique technology.

    The cars are a private collection of G D Naidu Charities, a social trust founded by (late) Sri. G D Naidu. Like his father, Sri. G D Gopal, who is also an avid auto enthusiast, purchased and collected several cars, especially those that had unique mechanical features or the ones that had significantly influenced the evolution of the automobile.

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  • Sri G D Naidu, an eminent industrialist and philanthropist of Coimbatore, South India, had a great passion for the automobile. He visited several countries during his lifetime and was fascinated by the workmanship and engineering capabilities of Germany and other forward nations.

    He was an ardent automobile enthusiast, science lover and loved learning the science behind the functioning and invention of everything that he came across

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Timing : 9.00 AM - 06.30 PM
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734, Avinashi Rd,
G D, Naidu charities,
Coimbatore, TamilNadu 641018

Gedee Car Museum is a proud member of the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) and FHVI (Federation of Historic Vehicles India).
These organizations work to protect, preserve and promote historic vehicles all around the world and in India respectively.

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